Mark Cloet °1964 – Belgium

" ... Someone, who is working in my domain, should not pretend that he is able to reason functionally.

At most, he can pretend to develop a system that he borrowed from his neighborhood, from a social environment, from the society, his first notion of a discovered world picture. I don't need to convince you that the media used by an artist to reach his objectives are reasonably random except the process of creation itself, the process of “the making off”.

In my vision, artworks grow from daily life experience, even perhaps from the remnants of live, from its garbage, of the time stolen, the waste of life.

The roots of art are not always noble, but as rich as and fascinating as life itself..."

"Space " - monologues dedicated to my children - Mark Cloet

For already more than 20 years, Mark Cloet is an artist whose work grows in silence. Quiet, calm but with perseverance he believes that his work is in service of the "art-observation". What is making this artist a rather exceptional thinker, because of a work who is hermetic and at the same time made as social act. This lead to an oeuvre that is very conceptual but based on principals of pure material expression. As artist, as philosopher, but surely as citizen Cloet is profiling himself in a conversation of what can make a form autonomous, purpose in the distopia of this actual modern world. In a way Mark Cloets works look like abandoned. In anonymity the artist leaves them carrying a question towards the fact of their organic grow process. Do those art things still have morphological resemblance with the reality? The bronze has an almost utopia existence: carrier of material weight and at the same time exponent of a certain transparency. So, they generate to a tender feeling, to a sighing. They bring on a wish for rest. Like as it should be possible that forms, social claims, titles, rights would be clearer, lighter, translucent, maybe even really palpable and readable, not really necessary or nearly visible.
A GRIP OF EXPOSITIONS: 1990 Gal. F17, Ghent (B) • Netwerk, Aalst (B) 1991Gal.F 17,Gent (B)• Huize St.-Jacobus, Ghent (B) • Botanique, Brussels (B)• Santa Croce, Florence (Italy) •IRSE, Venice (Italy)• Ecole de Nîmes, Nîmes (France) • PAK Maastricht (Netherlands) 1992 CIAP, Hasselt (B) • Gallery VUB, Brussels (B) • Abbey of Sénanque (France) • Maubeuge (France) 1993 Entraxis, Venice (Italy) • In den Bouw, Kalken (B) • Museum of Modern Art, Liege (B) 1994 Stadsgalerie, Heerlen (Netherlands) • Ludwig forum, Aachen(Germany)•Gal. F 17, Ghent (B) • Lokaal 01, Breda (Netherlands) 1995 Campo Santo, Ghent (B) • Art Brussels (B) • St.Jacobus, Ghent (B) • Foundation J.Cluysenaar, Noville-sur-Mehaigne (Luxembourg) •Gallery der Stadt Esslingen (Germany) • Design Center, London (Great Britain) • Gramercy International, New York (USA )• Art Brussels, Brussels (B) • Frankfurter Messe (Germany) • Stedelijk Museum, Tienen (B) 1996 Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ostend (B) 1997 Arsenal Posnan (Poland) • Academia Sztuk Pieknych Warsaw (Poland) • Cité de Arts, Paris (France) 1998 De Poort, Zonnebeke (B) • Kunstmesse,Cologne (Germany) • Galleria AT Wroclaw, Krakow (Poland) • Ruimte Rai, Schröder Foundation, Amsterdam - Den Haag (Netherlands) • La Pommerie, St. Setiers (France) • Gal.W.W.,Oosteeklo (B) 1999 vrienden v.h. PMMK, Ostend (B) • Gal. Witte Beer, Bruges (B) • Gallery R53, Ostend (B) 2000 Gal. Witte Beer, Bruges (B) • La Pommerie, St. Setiers (France) • Bacier, London (Great Britain) • Gal. Phoebus, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2001 Phoebus Rotterdam (Netherlands) • BWA Galleria Bialystok (Poland) • W.W.Gal, Oosteeklo (B) • Gal. R53, Ostend (B) 2002 Stad Ypres (B) • PAM Ename (B) • Ostend Appearance TAZFestival (B-F) • Gal.R53 Ostend (B) 2003 HICETNUNC, San Vito al T., Venice (Italy) • Ribe (Denmark) • Phoebus Rotterdam (Netherlands)• Goes (Netherlands) • Gal. Jan Colle, Ghent (B) 2004 Gal. de witte Beer Bruges (B)• Memlingmuseum Bruges (B) • Casa di Padova Roma (Italy) • Provinciehuis Bruges (B) 2005 Fort van Napoleon Ostend (B)• CBK Middleburg (Netherlands) - Vassivière (France) 2006 Arte Libro, Schellebelle(B) • Koninklijke Vlaamse Academia van Belgium voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten Brussels (B) • Galleria Menio Rome (Italy) • 2007 W.Wauters Gallery (B) • San Vito Venice A. Battel & A. Bertani (Italy) • Fried Contempory,Pretoria (South Africa) • 2008 Gallery Jan Colle, Ghent (B) • 2009 Gal. W.W., Oosteeklo (B) • 2010 Gal. Jan Colle, Ghent (B) • . De Witte Beer, Bruges (B) • In den Bouw, Kalken (B) • 2011 MAD museum, Liege (B)

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